• Imperfect Health: The Medicalization of Architecture
    Giovanna Borasi and Mirko Zardini
    Margaret Campbell, Nan Ellin, David Gissen, Carla C. Keirns, Linda Pollak, Hilary Sample, Sarah Schrank, and Deane Simpson
    Canadian Centre for Architecture, 2012
    Canadian Centre for Architecture

Philippe Rahm, Public Air: The reintegration of physiological needs into public and private space, 2009. © Philippe Rahm architectes.

Imperfect Health takes a critical look at how architects and planners are responding to growing urban health concerns and points to the sometimes unforeseen consequences of their built interventions. The book tackles this contemporary issue from a historical and critical perspective, focusing on different themes: epidemics and urban defense systems; how architecture combats pollution; obesity and design strategies; asthma and allergies; sunbathing and suburbia; aging today; and indoor life and toxic materials. The publication is richly conveyed through a diverse range of materials including architectural drawings, photographs, videos, and artifacts. Available in English and French, the 350-page publication accompanies a Canadian Centre for Architecture exhibition.

Giovanna Borasi is an architect, curator, and editor. As curator of contemporary architecture at the CCA, Borasi focuses her research on how environmental and social issues are influencing urbanism and architecture. Her exhibitions and publications have considered the exploitation of natural resources and the process of urban transformation, and include Environment: Approaches for Tomorrow (2006); 1973: Sorry, Out of Gas (2007); and Actions: What You Can Do With the City (2008–09). She recently served as curator for Journeys: How Travelling Fruit, Ideas and Buildings Rearrange Our Environment. Prior to her work with the CCA, Borasi was an editor and writer for Lotus International.

Mirko Zardini is an architect and the director of the CCA. His research interprets the transformation of contemporary architecture and its relationship with the city and the landscape. Exhibitions by Zardini—some in  collaboration with Giovanna Borasi—include Asfalto: Il carattere della cittá (2003); and Out of the Box: Price Rossi Stirling + Matta-Clark (2003–04); Sense of the City (2005–06); 1973: Sorry, Out of Gas (2007–08); and Actions: What You Can Do with the City (2008–09). Zardini has served as editor for Casabella and Lotus International and has taught at ETH Zurich, Harvard's Graduate School of Design, EPF Lausanne, and Princeton's School of Architecture.

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