• The Last Bridge Master
    Elisa Stone Leahy & Matthew Leahy
    Elisa Stone Leahy & Matthew Leahy

Elisa Stone Leahy, Bridge Master; Victoriano, the bridge master; 2012, Huinchiri, Peru.

The Last Bridge Master is an hour-long documentary film on the precarious nature of family and tradition, set against the backdrop of the last remaining Incan footbridge. Victoriano is the "master bridge engineer," an inherited position passed down for the past 300 years. His sons, living in the city, seem uninterested in carrying on this sacred role. His daughter, looking for autonomy in a patriarchal society, runs away before the start of 9th grade. One year later, the Smithsonian has invited Victoriano to build a model of the Q'eswachaka in Washington, DC. But as he journeys into the political center of the Western world, his daughter is living out a very different story. Her boyfriend refuses to allow her contact with anyone, taking her cell phone and hiding her travel documents. Laurita, now the mother of a baby boy, looks for a way to escape from growing abuse.

Elisa Stone Leahy is a Peruvian-American cinematographer who was raised in Peru. Along with her husband Matthew Leahy, she studied at the International Filmmakers Institute in Vancouver, BC, and is currently based in Columbus, OH. The Leahys’ company Noonday Films has been filming and producing documentaries and commercial video for seven years. Their documentary Montaña de Luz (a film about a home in Honduras for children with HIV/AIDS) won the Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival and is currently being distributed by Icarus Films. Their short documentary Old Radicals premiered at the Hot Docs festival in Toronto and won the DER Award in the International Documentary Challenge.