• Anyspace: This Future Has a Past
    Gregory Ain
    Katherine Lambert and Christiane Robbins
    Margaret Helfand Gallery, Center for Architecture, New York
    Jul 25, 2017 to Sep 12, 2017
    Anyone Corporation

Ayspace is a new program of the Anyone project, conceived to expand the architectural dialogue supported by the journal Log and Writing Architecture Series books to the new sphere of pop-up exhibitions and "traveling" salons (staged within the exhibitions) to discuss critical ideas posed by the work on display. With each six-week-long exhibition appearing in a different location, Anyspace simultaneously creates a following and new audiences as it moves, sometimes independently, sometimes in cooperation with another New York institution. To launch the project, we are bringing This Future Has a Past, curated by Katherine Lambert and Christiane Robbins, which debuted at the Palazzo Bembo in Venice in 2016, to New York. This exhibition of Gregory Ain's 1950 Exhibition House for the Museum of Modern Art Garden includes models, photographs, and documentary material that reveals Ain was under surveillance for "un-American" activity.

Cynthia Davidson is director of the Anyone Corporation and editor of Log: Observations on Architecture and the Contemporary City and the Writing Architecture Series books, published with MIT Press. Over the past thirty years, she has organized some twenty international conferences, most recently In Pursuit of Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art, and edited forty books. She curated Material Evidence at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, in 2000; oversaw installations at the MAK in Vienna and Castelvecchio in Verona for architect Peter Eisenman; and curated an exhibition of conceptual cardboard architecture models at the Brooks School in Massachusetts. This year she will be recognized by the American Academy of Arts and Letters for her work in architectural books and magazines.

Gregory Ain (1908–1988) was a Los Angeles architect who worked with Richard Neutra and Ray and Charles Eames before becoming nationally recognized for his modern middle-class houses. A Guggenheim Fellow in 1940, he was later selected by Philip Johnson to build the second Museum of Modern Art Exhibition House (1950), built in the museum's garden. Ain also taught at the University of Southern California, and was dean of architecture at Penn State from 1963–67.

Christiane Robbins is a media director, artist, designer, and thinker whose practice spans the disciplines of film, digital media/imaging, visual art, design, and education. A professor and director of USC's Matrix Program for Digital Media, she was instrumental in developing and forecasting current concepts of creative thought and strategies via digital media and cultural practices, identifying relationships between data visualization, interactivity, spatial and locative-based practices.

Katherine Lambert is a founding principal of Metropolitan Architectural Practice (MAP) based in San Francisco. Her research and praxis focuses on the mutable environment of architecture, design, sustainable practices, and community engagement. Her emphasis embraces the cross-disciplinary realm of architectural and design practices with digital and media practices.

Anyone Corporation aims to advance the knowledge and understanding of architecture and its relationships to the general culture through conferences, public seminars, and publications that erode boundaries between disciplines and cultures.