• LIGA Vol. 2: Exposed Architecture (Arquitectura Expuesta)
    Ruth Estevez, Wonne Ickx, Abel Perles, Victor Jaime, and Carlos Bedoya
    Arquine and LIGA, 2017
    LIGA-Space for Architecture

Diego Arraigada, view of LIGA 13: Looking In, Looking Out, 2014, Mexico City. Courtesy of Luis Gallardo, LGM Studio.

LIGA's second book, LIGA Vol. 2, with the working title Exposed Architecture (Arquitectura Expuesta) is a volume intended to be more than just a factual reflection of the activities that happened in their galleries for the last three years. Rather, it intends to question and discuss certain polemic aspects of the curating-architecture discussion. The initial idea of a documentary book on the activities of thier own space—photographs, texts, and essays—has evolved to a more complex structure; a reference book to discuss the architectural exhibitions as a matter, as well as its implications and influencing fields. The book will feature four chapters: documentation of LIGA exhibitions 11 through 21 with full-color pictures and critical texts; documentation of the Undisciplined and Studio Interludes Series; short essays written by a selection group of invited professionals and experts in the fields of architecture and exhibition design; and a curated archive of referenced images showcasing a brief history of exposed architecture during the twentieth century. With this publication, LIGA aims to generate new content on why and how architecture is exhibited.

LIGA–Space for Architecture is an independent initiative founded in Mexico City in 2011 that promotes Latin American contemporary architecture through exhibitions, conferences and workshops. LIGA was created as a curatorial platform in order to stimulate the experimentation in relation to the architectural discipline and its possibilities as a discursive practice, expanding and establishing connections with other disciplines. The annual calendar comprises four exhibitions in which emerging studios from across Latin America intervene the gallery's sixteen-square-meter space located on Insurgentes Avenue. In parallel to the exhibitions, there is a regular program entitled Interludes which presents conferences, workshops, debates, and performances, proposing tangential relationships with architecture.