• Unit 1: 3583 Dubois Street
    3583 Dubois Street, Detroit
    Jun 22, 2019 to Oct 15, 2019
    Anders Herwald Ruhwald

Anders Herwald Ruhwald, installation view of Unit 1: 3583 Dubois, 2019, Detroit. Photo: Jerry Birchfield/Field Studios. Courtesy of Anders Herwald Ruhwald.

Unit 1: 3583 Dubois Street is site-specific, permanent art installation inside a 1700 square foot apartment on Detroit's Eastside where the interior is made of charred wood, steel, molten glass, and black ceramics. It is an immersive dreamlike space that unfolds gradually as the visitor moves through the six rooms. The space will seem as if it has been ravaged by fire, but on closer inspection, the visitor will realize that the interior is made out of carefully crafted wood, glass, steel, and ceramic. In this completely transformed apartment familiar objects and interior details will remain, but all of the surfaces will have been blackened through burning, glazing, and/or paint. It is an installation that engages both the visual and sensory as the smell and rich materiality of the installation reveals itself. Going through the space feels like walking through a surreal cave where the space and the objects inside are at once recognizable and strange. It will pull you in and push you back in order to make you contemplate the effects of fire and consider its ramifications within the domestic and intimate. Overall the installation will aim to strike the precarious balance between the constructive and destructive forces of fire.

Anders Ruhwald lives and works at Cranbrook Academy of Art, outside of Detroit, MI. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 2005. Over the past ten years, Ruhwald has had more than twenty-five international gallery and museum solo exhibitions, including Anatomy of a Home at Saarinen House (Michigan), You in Between at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (UK), as well as over 100 group exhibitions around the world. His work is represented in over twenty public collections internationally, including the Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), the Musée des Arts décoratifs (France), the Philadelphia Museum of Art (USA), the National Museum (Sweden), and the Museum of Art and Design (Denmark). He was awarded the Gold Prize at the Icheon Biennale in South Korea (2011), received a Danish Art Foundation three-year work-stipend (2010), and won the Sotheby's Prize (2007). His work has been published in the New York Times Magazine, the Guardian, Wallpaper, Artforum, Sculpture Magazine, and Avenuel. Ruhwald has lectured and taught at more than sixty universities around Europe, Asia, and North America and has held an associate professorship at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently he is the Artist-in-Residence and head of the Ceramics Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art.