Public Program

  • Lampo 2016 Concert Series at the Graham Foundation

Stine Janvin Motland, performance during the “Barbara Kasten: Stages" exhibition, 2015, Graham Foundation, Chicago.

Lampo commissions, produces, and presents experimental music performances, bringing artists from around the world to perform their work for Chicago audiences. Rather than making programming decisions based on tour schedules, Lampo carefully selects each season of events and then arranges to bring musicians and composers from North America, South America, Europe, and Asia directly to Chicago. They are also focused on Chicago artists and regularly include their work in Lampo programming. For visitors and locals alike, Lampo encourages artists to create new works specifically for Lampo, and helps artists fulfill their particular visions. Each season is curated with consideration to create a balanced programming schedule, with connections between projects.

Founder and executive director of Lampo, Andrew Fenchel curates an ongoing series of experimental music concerts and intermedia projects. In addition to his work with Lampo, he has served on numerous review panels and juries locally, nationally, and internationally.

Founded in 1997, Lampo promotes and supports artists working in experimental music and intermedia, by commissioning, producing, and presenting special projects and performances. Lampo brings artists from across the United States and around the world to Chicago, and offers the public rare opportunities to experience their pioneering work in person. The organization is equally committed to helping Chicago artists undertake projects with potential impact on their careers. Lampo also organizes educational programs, publishes written and recorded documents related to its series, and collaborates with the local arts community and national partners.