• Leonardo Finotti: A Collection of Latin American Modern Architecture, Volume 2
    Leonardo Finotti
    Lars Müller Publishers, forthcoming
    Leonardo Finotti

Flora Manteola, Javier Sanchez Gomez, Josefina Santos, Justo Solsona, Carlos Sallaberry, and Rafael Vinoly, Conjunto Rioja, 1973, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo: Leonardo Finotti.

In 2008, Leonardo Finotti was invited by the Museum of Modern Art's chief curator, Barry Bergdoll, to be part of a tribute exhibition for a landmark survey of modern architecture in Latin America, first shown at MoMA in 1955. The series began a commissioned work, which led to an immersive experience that lasted eight years. A Collection of Latin American Modern Architecture is part of an ongoing series, and presents nearly one hundred images of Finotti's photographs of undiscovered Latin American modern architecture, offering an important overview of the region. Collecting images, narratives, and history, the research takes place in diverse latitudes, nine of which are published here: Buenos Aires, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Quito, Medellin, Caracas, Guadalajara, and San Juan.

Leonardo Finotti is a visual artist who lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. He holds a BA in architecture from Universidade Federal de Uberlândia MG (Brazil) and completed post-graduate work at the Bauhaus Foundation (Dessau, Germany). He has exhibited his work internationally, where it is also held in an array of global collections, including those at the Museum of Modern Art; Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania); the GAD (Canberra, Australia); the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; Cité de l’Architecture & du Patrimonie (Paris, France); Architekturzentrum (Wien, Austria); Deutsches Architekturmuseum (Frankfurt, Germany); Buendner Kunstmuseum (Chur, Switzerland); among others.