• Imagining Eurasia: Visualizing a Continental History
    Kyong Park
    L Nour Editions, 2019
    Kyong Park

View of Imagining New Eurasia, Chapter 1, Here, There, and Everywhere: Eurasian Cities-City Mix, Asia Culture Center, 2015, Gwnagju, Korea. Photo: Kyungsub Shin.

Using historical and contemporary architecture, urbanism, geography, history, and other fields, Imagining Eurasia is a publication that integrates the role of cities, networks, and territories in the urban, regional, and continental structures of Eurasia, as one continent. It looks into cultural interactions between different places through the localized identity of cities, and how the Old Silk Road, the New Silk Road, and other routes have constructed a grand network that shaped and defined the continent as one system. It also focuses on border cities and regions that challenge the stasis of territories while endorsing the integrative quality of the border over its divisional mandate. Deriving the content from three consecutive exhibitions under the same title, the publication visualizes and narrates the historical precedents and contemporary relations between East and West, and how architecture and urbanism could be measured at a continental scale.

Kyong Park is professor of public culture at University of California, San Diego (since 2007), as well as the founding director of a series of institutions, including Storefront for Art & Architecture in New York (1982­–98), the International Center for Urban Ecology in Detroit (1998–2001), and the Centrala Foundation for Future Cities in Rotterdam (2005–06). Park has also served as curator of the Gwangju Biennale (1997), artistic director and chief curator of the Anyang Public Art Project (2010), and project director/primary artist at Imagining New Eurasia at the Asia Culture Center (2015–17). He has exhibited at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y León (Spain), the Kunsthalle Graz, the Deichtorhallen (Hamburg), the Kunst-Werke Berlin, and the Nam June Paik Art Center (Seoul). He is the editor of Urban Ecology: Detroit and Beyond (2005).