• The Eternal Internet Brother/Sisterhood
    Angelo Plessas
    Andreas Angelidakis, Harry Burke, Mary Rhinebold Copeland, Petra Cortright, Meir Kordevani, Zoe Paul, Gianni Pettena, and Priscilla Tea
    NERO Editions, 2018
    Angelo Plessas

Caspar Jade Heinemann, Poetry Reading, 2017, Dornberg, Germany.

The Eternal Internet Brotherhood/Sisterhood is a book covering a survey of the eponymous residency, which happens every year in different globally remote places. Between 2012 and 2017, it became a gathering of various cultural practitioners, a growing community that experimented with unconventional media practices and explored collective travelling for new spiritual and creative stimuli. The project echoes a countercultural techno-utopian spirit, bridging it with a contemporary anthropology influenced by the post-capitalist internet culture. The book presents content that was generated in all five previous locations of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood/Sisterhood: Anafi, an island with ancient culture; the surrealist park, Las Pozas, in Mexico; the West Bank; Castello Malaspina in Italy, Dante Alighieri's exile home; and Unesco's Cultural Triangle in Sri Lanka. The Sixth Edition, at Dornberg Nature Park, a pagan site outside Kassel, is part of documenta 14.

Angelo Plessas is an artist based in Athens, Greece. The focus of his work is to network the offline with the online in ways that make us understand aspects of both conditions, and to generate new ways of relating to both. His activities range widely, from performances to artist residencies; from self-publishing, to interactive websites; from sculptures, to live-stream events and different educational projects. For the past five years, he has organized annual gatherings of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood/Sisterhood, and most recently, the Experimental Education Protocol. His work has been exhibited at various international venues, such as documenta 14, Jeu de Paume and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Deste Foundation in Athens, Frieze Projects, and the UC Berkeley Art Museum. Plessas is a Fulbright alumni and, in 2015, received the Deste Prize, given every two years to a Greek or Cypriot artist.