• PLAT 7.0: Sharing
    Francis Aguillard, Gavin Brown, and Sam Schuermann
    Rice University, 2018
    Rice University-School of Architecture

Gavin Brown, Francis Aguillard, and Mario Norton, Sharing, 2017, Houston. Courtesy of the authors.

PLAT's purpose is to shift architectural discourse by stimulating new relationships within design, production, and theory. It operates by interweaving student, faculty, and professional work into an open and evolving dialogue which progresses from issue to issue. PLAT 5.0 and 5.5, focusing on the theme of License vis-à-vis a call and response setup, taking inspiration from the vision of PLAT's first team. This pairing of issues strengthens PLAT's relevance as a protective catalyst for architectural discourse. The journal's 2017–18 editors view the last several issues as a family. First, we deal with License, the legal apparatus for determining who can deploy certain goods and services and in what ways. The response dealt with how digitization complicates longstanding notions of license and ownership. Issue 6.0 engages Absence, and therein might call to mind an imaginary of an anarcho-libertarian, even socialist, vision of license and ownership. Finally, one arrives at the emerging dictum today that people value "access over ownership." This dialectic sets the stage for 7.0 Sharing, an issue which builds on the last several PLAT issues and is one of the first architectural journal issues devoted entirely to the topic of the sharing and platform economies.

Francis Aguillard is a master's of architecture student at Rice University. Prior to beginning at Rice, Aguillard was a Fulbright Scholar studying city design and social science at the London School of Economics. He attended Washington University in St. Louis' Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art for his undergraduate education, where his sustained interest in urbanism started. He currently researches coliving, exploring the relationship of private space to shared space and the emerging concept of the building as a platform. He worked on the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan and Rebuild By Design during his time at Waggonner & Ball Architecture/Environment in New Orleans, his hometown. Francis serves as an editor-in-chief for PLAT 7.0.

Gavin Brown is a master's of architecture student at Rice University. During his undergraduate years he studied architecture in his home state of New Mexico at the University of New Mexico's School of Architecture and Planning. He is interested in how the body relates to architecture, cyborgs, photography, and representation. At Rice, he works in the Digital Media Commons, helping students across disciplines with a variety of creative and multimedia projects. Brown serves as an editor-in-chief of PLAT 7.0.

Sam Schuermann is a master's of architecture student at Rice University, anticipating graduation in the fall of 2018. She received her bachelor's of science in architecture from the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. Schuermann has worked for SCB in San Francisco and Anderson Architects in New York. Currently, she is working as a research assistant for Rice Architecture's Technology Fellow and is the teaching assistant for the building technology sequence. Through her undergraduate and graduate architecture education, she has developed a keen interest in design across all scales, from fashion to urbanism, and views architecture as occupying a unique position as a scale shifter among its peer fields. Schuermann serves as an editor-in-chief of PLAT 7.0.

Melis Ugurlu recently graduated from Rice University as a bachelor's of architecture. She completed her preceptorship year working at Rogers Partners Architects and Urban Designers in New York. At the Rice School of Architecture she took part in several organizational and teaching roles. She is interested in architectural criticism, history, and theory and is contemplating pursuing these interests further after receiving her professional degree. She is editor-in-chief of PLAT 5.5 and 6.0.

Rachel Grady received her bachelor's of science in architecture from McGill University and is currently pursuing her master's of architecture at Rice University. She is embarking on her thesis project addressing the value of the ordinary and the detail in architecture today. Her most recent studio project won an Honor Award from the AIA Fort Worth 2016 Student Design Awards. She has worked for METALAB of Houston, Texas and Schnee Architects, Inc. of Newton, Massachusetts. She has participated in travelling studios to Venice and Paris and was the co-curator of two exhibitions of student work during her time at McGill University. Grady is the managing editor of PLAT 5.5 and 6.0.

PLAT journal is a biannual print journal produced by students at the Rice School of Architecture. The publication aims to put the work of Rice students and faculty in conversation with a broader architectural audience. PLAT features design projects, historical and theoretical research, and interviews. Since its founding in 2010, PLAT has explored a call-and-response format of full and half issues. This format fosters an ongoing dialogue across the thematically paired issues.