• Emerging Paradigms in Architectural Education in sub-Saharan Africa
    Mark R.O. Olweny

Achilles Ahimbisibwe, Design-Build Project, 2016, Nkozi, Uganda.

This project explores emerging paradigms in architectural education across sub-Saharan Africa, ushered in by alternative and independent schools in the region. These schools suggest a shift from traditions that have defined architectural education over the past 60 years; presenting a canonical trajectory for architectural education for sub-Saharan Africa. The emerging discourse, spurred on by educators, seeking to reframing or rethinking architectural education, and marks a significant evolution of architectural education across the continent. The project reflects on this phenomenon, through engaging with the schools, personalities and students in these schools, with the aim of contributing to emerging architectural discourse on sub-Saharan Africa, and to global conversations on current and future directions for architectural education.

Mark R.O. Olweny is currently associate professor in architecture and associate dean of the Faculty of the Built Environment at Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda. He previously worked in architectural education and practice in Australia, Canada and the Republic of Ireland. Olweny is a qualified architect and urban designer, and holds a doctorate, from the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, having undertaken research on socialization in architectural education. His research and teaching interests fall into two areas: energy-efficient and sustainable architecture, as well as architectural education and pedagogy with particular interest in innovative methods of teaching and learning in built environment education. Olweny has numerous publications that address ethics in architectural practice and education, sustainability in architecture education, as well as cultural environmental architecture and environmental performance of buildings.