Graham Fellowship

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    Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts
    Feb 25, 2022 to Feb 25, 2023
    Barbara Stauffacher Solomon

California native Barbara Stauffacher Solomon (b. 1928) began her career as a dancer, before studying painting and sculpture at the San Francisco Art Institute. She studied graphic design at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland and later established her own graphic design firm in San Francisco—creating the groundbreaking supergraphics and graphic identity for The Sea Ranch. Solomon returned to school in the 1980s to study architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. Her books include Green Architecture and the Agrarian Garden (Rizzoli, 1988); Good Mourning California (Rizzoli, 1992); Utopia Myopia (Fun Fog Press, 2012); Why? Why Not? (Fun Fog Press, 2013); Read Any Good Boots Lately (Owl Cave Books, 2018); Making the Invisible Visible (Owl Cave Books, 2019); Ditto (Colpa, 2021); and WE&ME (Colpa, 2022). She has exhibited her work widely and is in the permanent collections such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; and Walker Art Center. Solomon is a fellow of the American Academy in Rome.