• Fresh Meat 13: Isolated / Collective
    Alice Lee, Morgan Peterson, and Cody Schueller
    Fresh Meat Journal, 2022
    University of Illinois at Chicago-College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts

Munjer Hashim, "If Walls Could Talk," 2020. Digital rendering. Courtesy Munjer Hashim

As the world now enters a second year of collective isolation, Fresh Meat 13 reflects on what it means to live apart, together. Isolated collectives exist in many forms within an array of social structures and built environments (monasteries, old western settlements, etc). Although isolated from something other, a strong sense of community is often found within. In most cases, isolated rarely means alone. FM 13 presents a variety of perspectives on how architecture might benefit from a better understanding of isolated collectives and the built spaces that support them. Through written pieces, drawings, photographs, videos, and design proposals, FM 13 acts as both a record of architectures of isolation and a resource of possibilities on how these learned lessons may enrich the architecture of the future.

Morgan Peterson, associate editor, is a current student at the University of Illinois at Chicago pursuing a master's degree in architecture. Outside the studio, he seeks out various creative outlets and has participated in an artist residency at AZ West, a public furniture design competition for Portland's Design Museum, and a treehouse design competition at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Peterson 's intention in design is to create places and objects that celebrate and provide space for the expression of self and culture.

Cody Tyler Schueller, associate editor, is a second year dual master of architecture and master of design criticism student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Schueller is currently interested in many things.

Alice Lee, associate editor, is a master of architecture student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She chose to pursue architecture because of its ability to deepen and broaden her understanding of the world. Having moved to Chicago 15 years ago, she is enjoying dissecting the city of Chicago with her architecture education. Lee has a bachelors in mathematics from the University of Chicago.

Emily Kellogg, associate editor, is a master of architecture student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is interested in architecture’s role in shaping or responding to social and environmental realms such as identity politics, critical regionalism, and mass culture.

Mark Melvin, associate editor, is a master of architecture student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is driven by researching areas of opportunity as they relate to the field of architecture.

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