• Jaguar Lens
    Juana Salcedo
    Mebane Gallery, School of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin
    Spring 2025
    Juana Salcedo

Juana Salcedo (conceptualization) and Brent Ryndak (design and development), “The Jaguar Corridor as an infrastructure of care,” 2023. Digital drawing. Courtesy Juana Salcedo and Brent Ryndak

This exhibition invites spatial researchers and practitioners to move away from a city-centric view of the urban experience by adopting the lens of the jaguar, the largest feline and top terrestrial predator of the Americas. Combining a series of large-scale printed maps, interactive digital maps, and visual narratives, the exhibition offers a view of the ways urbanization processes and socio-environmental struggles are entangled and in friction with the Jaguar Corridor—an unprecedented landscape integration project that envisions a continuous territory from northern Argentina to the southern United States to ensure the survival of this species. With the presentation of this cartography of interconnection, the exhibition aims to foster a deeper understanding of the urban origins of the socio-environmental breakdown and biodiversity loss and encourage the spatial arts to participate in radically imagining possible landscapes of multispecies cohabitation.

Juana Salcedo is an architectural designer and scholar working at the intersection of architecture and urbanism. Salcedo’s research draws concepts and methods from environmental history, urban political ecology, decolonial studies, and science and technology studies to reconnect architecture and cities with the larger environmental and socio-economic processes that shape them, focusing on Latin America. She also explores visualization and mapping as key means to foreground spatial issues and territorial discussions to broader audiences. Her project, Cartographies of Interconnection: Jaguars, Humans and the Design of Urbanscapes in the Americas was awarded a Graham Foundation research and development grant in 2020. Salcedo is assistant professor of practice and Meadows Foundation Centennial Fellow of the Center for American Architecture and Design 2023–26 at the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin. She is an editor at Failed Architecture and coedits The Climate Changed special series. Salcedo studied architecture (2009) and history (2010) at Universidad de Los Andes and holds a master's of environmental design from Yale University (2013).