• Al Río/To the River
    Tim Johnson
    C.J. Alvarez, Ariella Azoulay, Cecilia Ballí, Remijio "Primo" Carrasco, Karla Cornejo Villavicencio, Natalie Diaz, Dolores Dorantes, Darby English, Álvaro Enrigue, Catherine Facerias, Josh T. Franco, Esther Gabara, Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, Aimé Iglesias Lukin, Elisabeth Lebovici, Jose Rabasa, Nadiah Rivera Fellah, Cameron Rowland, and Roberto Tejada
    Zoe Leonard
    Hatje Cantz, 2022
    Tim Johnson

Zoe Leonard, detail from "Al Río/To the River," 2016–21. Gelatin silver prints. Copyright the artist

Al Río/To the River is a publication edited by the poet Tim Johnson in association with the artist Zoe Leonard, consisting of two books, a photographic volume featuring works by Leonard; and a reader with contributions by artists, journalists, poets and historians. It addresses the built environment of the river border between the United States and Mexico, and the many cultures of the region. Al Río/To the River explores border poetics and serves as a source of reference and solidarity for people in multiple communities who share a concern for the river border. A boundary-breaking book in the field of geographic survey publications, Al Río/To the River includes historical essays where pertinent to the subject, and especially where aspects of the history are obscured by contemporary accounts and understanding.

Tim Johnson is a poet, artist, and editor based in Marfa, Texas. With his partner Caitlin Murray he owns and operates the Marfa Book Company through which he oversees an exhibition, publication, film, music, and performance series. His poems and translations have appeared in many publications, including the Paris Review; Eights, a survey of experimental writing; and Adventures, an anthology of contemporary artist's writing edited by David Senior. He has curated and presented exhibitions by Rosa Barba, Santa Barraza, James Benning, Luis Camnitzer, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Van Hanos, Roni Horn, Aaron Flint Jamison, and Charles Mary Kubricht. He edited Sensuous Thoughts: Essays on the Works of Donald Judd, a selection of essays by the art historian Richard Shiff, for Hatje Cantz in 2020; and he coedited the publication, The Present Order: Writings on the Work of Ian Hamilton Finlay, with Caitlin Murray in 2010.