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Keith Fullerton Whitman
Mar 10, 2012 (8pm)

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Lampo and the Graham Foundation are pleased to present Keith Fullerton Whitman as he performs the US premiere of Rhythmes Naturels in a 4-channel mix. Whitman composed the work at the legendary INA-GRM studios in Paris, which was founded in the late fifties to encourage the development of electronic music. While in residence, he was commissioned to develop a new piece for the Acousmonium, an 80-speaker sound system designed by former INA-GRM member François Bayle. Whitman drew additional inspiration from other well known members of the midcentury studio collective including founder Pierre Schaeffer, Luc Ferrari, Iannis Xenakis, and Bernard Parmegiani. Whitman will also perform a live modular synthesizer improvisation.

Keith Fullerton Whitman (b. 1973, Bergen County, N.J.) is a composer and performer fascinated by electronic music from its mid-century origins in Europe to its contemporary worldwide incarnation as digital music. He has recorded albums influenced by many genres including ambient music, drone, drill and bass, musique concrète and krautrock. Whitman has recorded and performed using several aliases, of which the most familiar is Hrvatski. Whitman lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This performance is presented in partnership with Lampo. Founded in 1997, Lampo is a non-profit organization for experimental music, sound art and intermedia projects.